Welcome to The Darkside

A blog where darkness dwells. I will post dark poetry and art as well as music and spoken word.

He went insane in a blackout free association writing dark poetry spoken word

Waking up from a blackout in a room with blood all over the walls can be something scary to wake up to. Dare to listen mortals.

Monster Tacos Spoken Word Poetry Dark Comedy

Greetings mortals I am quite hungry! I would like to eat some Monster Tacos

The Dark Magician Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

When the sun sets and Darkness Rises that is when the Dark Magician comes out to play!

What the hell do rabbits have to do with Jesus? Easter sucks! Evil Man Show

What the hell do rappers have to do with Jesus?

Moonlit Tears Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

So many moon lit tears shed through out the years!

Die Cupid Die Creepypasta Scary Stories Creepypasta Stories Spoken Word Poetry Dark

Oh yes cupid is dead!

Haunted Gaming SplatterHouse Arcade CreepyPasta Stories

Ahh Splatter House one of the most bloody and evil games ever made. I love it !

A Dark December Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

A Dark December remember

Scary Ouija board Videos Story An Evil Ouija

Love is Dying Darkness Consumes Me Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

Perhaps the truth is that love is dying