Welcome to The Darkside

A blog where darkness dwells. I will post dark poetry and art as well as music and spoken word.

Haunted Gaming Evil Doom Wad CreepyPasta scary story

Ahh Doom one of the best and most ev il games ever made! Dare to play the Evil Doom Wad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJA73MMJiAQ&list=UUfALbSN4n6hgWGC78Yhnwig

The Haunted Doll CreepyPasta scary stories

Good day mortals! Dare to play with the Haunted doll!

The Haunted Doll CreepyPasta scary stories

Beware The Haunted Doll!!!

The Dark Magician Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

I weave my spells in secret so as the church would never know how i become rich casting spells in secret ! Mu ha ha ha haaaaaaaa

Freds Hand CreepyPasta scary stories

Remember me!? I’m Fred’s hand!!

A Dark December Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

always remember the Dark December.. some dark poetry i composed in my chamber

“The Haunted Dollo forever haunts the nights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iAgCS4026Q&list=UUfALbSN4n6hgWGC78Yhnwig

The Haunted Doll CreepyPasta scary stories

Beware.. the haunted doll might get you at night!

“Oh yes Cupid is dead! off with his head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcUA5NYu5fo&list=UUfALbSN4n6hgWGC78Yhnwig

Die Cupid Die Creepypasta Scary Stories Creepypasta Stories Spoken Word Poetry Dark

You know what cupid? I’m glad you’re dead!!