Welcome to The Darkside

A blog where darkness dwells. I will post dark poetry and art as well as music and spoken word.

Monster Tacos Spoken Word Poetry Dark Comedy

I am hungry! A poem I made about Jack in the Box Monster Tacos.

Bloody Hell they owe me gold!

Bloody hell this one company owes me over 300 dollars for my writing! Bloody hell if I do not get my money soon, I suppose it’s back to writing and posting on youtube… those Philistines wouldn’t know good writing anyway! I was my gold… bloody hell. Listen to this spooky poem.. The Dark December https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkQ5OgXNXQs&list=UUfALbSN4n6hgWGC78Yhnwig

Monster Tacos Spoken Word Poetry Dark Comedy

Monster Tacos! greetings mortals !

He went insane in a blackout free association writing dark poetry spoken word

Waking up from a blackout with bloody walls all over the place!? sounds like fun to me !

Scary Ouija board videos Ouija stories Demon ZOZO REALLY SCARY!

Do you fear the Ouija ?

Haunted Gaming Evil Doom Wad CreepyPasta scary story

Doom one of the best games ever made! Now it’s haunted ? this is pure evil and I like it !

Cameron's Closet Movie Review

Cameron’s closet is a very scary movie

A Dark December Spoken Word Poetry Dark Poetry

always remember the dark december !

Die Cupid Die Creepypasta Scary Stories Creepypasta Stories Spoken Word Poetry Dark

Oh yes Cupid is dead! Wonderful

Freds Hand CreepyPasta scary stories

remember me? I’m fred’s hand !